Stronger Foundations: Reflect. Recover. Renew.

In an unprecedented year, the ACF Virtual Annual Conference 2020 was a unique opportunity to gather as a sector and take stock. We explored what impacts the Covid-19 crisis had on us all, what we learnt in the first nine months of the pandemic and what our future considerations need to be.

The programme featured a wealth of high-quality, thought provoking key addresses, plenary presentations, panel discussions and Q&A sessions, delivered by a diverse and prominent group of speakers and panellists.

Day 1
10:00 AM – 4:00 PM, 25 November

Stopping to reflect since Covid-19 struck, we explored:

  • How foundations and civil society have responded to the pandemic 
  • How foundations are working in the initial phase of the recovery period 
  • Evidence and ideas to uncover what’s working well and what needs to change 
  • How foundations, the sector, and wider civil society should be responding

Day 2
10:00 AM – 4:40 PM, 26 November

Moving forward, the agenda challenged participants to also consider:

  • The lasting impacts of Covid-19 
  • What do economic and society changes mean for civil society? 
  • How can foundations adapt and evolve to stay ahead? 
  • Can foundations maximise the impact they make in the future?
  • How the ACF Stronger Foundations project can best support the sector


The programme was led by a diverse variety of highly qualified speakers and panelists, who shared their insights, perspectives, and opinions with participants.

Official Partners

ACF’s Official Partners – CCLA, Cazenove, Mercer and Ruffer – provide vital support and shared their expertise with conference participants. 

On Demand – recordings

Registered participants to our first virtual annual conference, can now relive all sessions where speakers have given permission to share their Zoom recordings, for you to extend and enhance your conference experience.

On Demand – materials

Each registered participant can also access many of the other materials provided on the days by members or our Official partners. This On Demand PDF content is made available for personal use only with the kind permission of the author.