How to attend

Stronger Foundations: Reflect. Recover. Renew.

We look forward to welcoming you to our first virtual annual conference.

In an unprecedented year, the ACF Virtual Annual Conference 2020 is a unique opportunity to gather as a sector and take stock collectively. We’ll explore what impacts the Covid-19 crisis has meant to us all, what we’ve learnt since the pandemic hit, and what our future considerations need to be.

Benefit from:

  • More content and session choices than before
  • Engagement with a wider array of foundation audiences online
  • Contributions from renowned speakers and our Official Partners
  • Valued insights from invited member stakeholders

What’s included?

  • Almost 8 hours of plenary presentations and key discussions over 2 days
  • A range of options to engage with extra thematic sessions each day
  • A mix of webinars, workshops, and On Demand content
  • Desktop participation via Zoom with multiple screen breaks
  • Convenient online access
  • Interactive peer engagement via Q&A, polling and social activity
  • Access to recorded content for further review

Joining us on the day

We sent joining instructions out to all registered participants on 19 November and a reminder will be sent to all participants and any late registrants on 23 November. The joining instructions contain your personalised Zoom links to access those sessions you selected to attend during the booking process and those assigned to you by default where no pre-selections were made.

If you have registered but do not have your Zoom links please contact urgently.

Please keep all your Zoom links to hand to move smoothly between conference sessions.

Use the “Add to Calendar” short-cut function to save your Zoom link to the main programme sessions, or copy the Zoom link into your calendar for the participant choice sessions directly.

Unless instructed otherwise by the Chair or ACF host, all session links expire when the session ends. You need to activate a new session link from those you downloaded to your calendar, or simply select the next relevant session link from your joining instructions email.

Please join each session promptly in case of specific housekeeping or interactivity at the start of that session. Especially, your pre-selected participant choice sessions and the ACF social quiz, where capacity may be limited or you may be assigned to a break-out room.

Top tips for a great conference experience

  • Add each Zoom link to your calendar or have them to hand
  • Please join us by 9:55 AM on Day 1 and Day 2 to ensure you have access
  • Open all sessions on time – especially the participant choice sessions
  • Take part in all polls or Q&A sessions when requested
  • Join the fun ACF and CCLA quiz at 5:30 PM on 25 November
  • Stretch and walk about during our numerous breaks
  • Hydrate when you can to minimise screen fatigue

Get interactive 

Q&A: During interactive webinar sessions delegates can submit questions through the Q&A box. You can do this anonymously if you wish. You will be able to see other delegates questions and upvote any you would especially like to see answered. ACF will be monitoring all questions submitted to help the Chairs and hosts of each session. 

Chat: We encourage delegates to ask any technical questions relating to sound/video through the chat function. This is being monitored by ACF teams in the background for every session.

During webinars, delegates will also be able to message all panellists and attendees via the chat function so please feel free to share your thoughts and reactions to the sessions in real time.

During Partner and Member workshops delegates will have the added option of being able to message each other privately. If you do not wish to be contacted by fellow delegates during these sessions, please join anonymously by changing your name.

Polls: We will be carrying out polling in several sessions and we ask all participants to express their opinion to make the results more insightful for speakers and their audiences. 

Social Quiz: 5:30 PM on 25 November. We welcome everyone to join us at this fun social session supported by Official Partner CCLA. Your joining instructions include an option to save to your calendar and the link for the session. For more details contact

Eligible non-members welcome – special rates apply

Exclusions apply. The ACF virtual annual conference 2020 welcomes attendance by any UK organisation which is an endowed foundation or makes grants for charitable purposes. ACF interprets the term grant-making to include investing for charitable purposes. Organisations or individuals outside of these criteria may still be able to attend the conference with written permission from ACF.